Kiel is a committed city. In the state capital, so many committed people hold volunteer positions that Kiel has also been officially included in the nationwide network program "Engagierte Stadt" (Committed City).

Volunteering is a matter of course for many Kielers* in all age groups and in all areas. Whether refugee aid or neighborhood projects, whether ambulance services or the volunteer fire department, whether volunteer court assistance or hospice work, whether volunteer local politician or volunteer member of one of the advisory councils. Volunteers from Kiel are involved in their city in many different ways, making it more colorful, more social and more livable every day.

The state capital Kiel is thanking all these committed people with a cinema spot. From Thursday, November 25, to Wednesday, December 29, the spot will be shown in Kiel's cinemas before the respective main films. In 60 seconds, volunteers show how they volunteer and how the rhythm of volunteering shapes them.

 Kiel's cultural award winner Moritz Boll created the spot on behalf of the press department of the state capital Kiel.

 The short film with the big thank-you can also be seen in the social media of the state capital Kiel and on at


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