Courage to get involved
For volunteers

Living democracy and the social and cultural diversity of our city need active, committed residents. And those who get involved for the common good also open up new opportunities and horizons for themselves. Because you experience a sense of purpose, make contacts and get involved in society.

What should I know if I want to get involved? Where is my commitment needed? And what opportunities are there for me? You can get answers to your questions as well as personal support and contacts at the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro.


Doing voluntary work means ...

  • Giving and receiving joy
  • living and experiencing humanity
  • dedicating your time to something meaningful
  • making and maintaining contacts with people
  • having fun
  • Gain knowledge and pass on experience
  • grow with a task
  • strengthen your own self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Contribute to the common good
  • Helping to shape society
  • find stability and recognition
  • Benefit professionally

Advice / mediation

How does a placement work

We help you find a project that suits you. Our volunteer counsellors will advise you personally and free of charge. First of all, we look at your individual areas of interest, skills and experience, your wishes and expectations. We identify suitable projects from our database. You will receive detailed information and a contact person - and you can decide at your leisure which organisation you would like to contact. If you have questions about training and reimbursement of costs, insurance cover or certificates of good conduct - we will help you!

Download Checklist for Volunteers
Download Certificate of good conduct fee waiver
Information on insurance cover at Engagiert in Schleswig-Holstein

Contact person:
Sabrina Dejon
Phone: 0431/901-5502
Mail: sabrina.dejon[at]

Conflict counselling

If you have questions or problems, it is important to talk to the respective organisation or volunteer. If the matter cannot be resolved, you are welcome to contact the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro at any time. If necessary, our conflict counselling service is available to assist committed residents and representatives of non-profit organisations. Feel free to contact us.


500 opportunities - and the right one for you

Give a child a better perspective or bring an elderly person out of loneliness, support a museum association or stand up for animal protection - with over 500 offers from around 300 organisations, associations and initiatives, there are countless opportunities for voluntary engagement. For every age, every ability and every interest!

We have compiled a small selection here that gives a first insight into the variety of possibilities. Feel free to drop by the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro - together we will find the right engagement for you!


Care, nursing, support

Support and accompaniment of a person with dementia

The Koordinationsstelle für innovative Wohn-und Pflegeformen in Schleswig-Holstein (KIWA, Coordination Office for Innovative Forms of Living and Care in Schleswig-Holstein) is a statewide project operating in Schleswig-Holstein and based in Kiel. KIWA is primarily concerned with new forms of living and care for people with dementia. KIWA is looking for a volunteer to support and accompany a person with dementia.

Are you interested in this volunteer activity? Then please contact our advisors about the offer A641.

Culture / Music

Museum, music, support association

Accompaniment of people with support needs to leisure and cultural offers.

The Freizeit- und Kulturschlüssel (leisure and cultural key) of the Werk- und Betreuungsstätte für Körperbehinderte gGmbH compiles a calendar of events every month from the range of events in Kiel. From this, the volunteers (companions) and the people with support needs (enjoyers) choose offers independently of each other and according to their own interests. From the registrations we put together suitable tandems (a companion with an enjoyer).

If you are interested in volunteering as a companion, please contact our advisors about offer A671.

Children / youth

KiTa, school, holiday care

Support in the school library

The Gymnasium Wellingdorf is looking for volunteers for the school library. The tasks would be, for example, to support the students in the computer-assisted lending operation or the possibility of helping to plan/participate in events of the school library.

Are you interested in and enjoy working with young people and have general computer skills (Windows 7)? If so, please feel free to contact our advisors about offer A634.


Parish, meeting place, pastoral care

A classic of volunteer activities

The Salvation Army is a Christian free church with distinctive social activities. This includes, among other things, care for the homeless, homes for children, the elderly and the disabled. It also maintains a tracing service for missing family members.

The Salvation Army has a creed on an evangelical basis. Its uniformed members, Salvation soldiers and officers, pledge to live by Christian standards.

If you would like to volunteer to help distribute clothing and food to those in need, please contact our advisors about offering A318.

Environment / animal protection

Flora, fauna, climate

Support in garden maintenance and design

The AWO Servicehaus Lübscher Baum has a beautiful garden, which the tenants of the house like to use for walking, relaxing or having a chat. The care of the garden is mostly done by the tenants themselves. In old age, however, many of the activities are no longer so easy. Therefore, the tenants would be very happy about support. The care as well as the design of the garden are in the foreground.

If you are interested, please contact our advisors about offer A706.

Health / self-help

Care, support, self-help

Support for people with dementia at the hospital

The Patient Information Center (PIZ) at UKSH has set itself the goal of providing special support to patients suffering from dementia. For this purpose, UKSH is looking for volunteers who are interested in accompanying patients with dementia in the hospital.

We are looking for volunteers who would like to accompany people with dementia.

If you are interested, please contact our advisors about the offer A596.

Accident / rescue services

Accident assistance, rescue service, fire brigade

Extensive employment opportunities with the ASB

The ASB Regionalverband Kiel (ASB Regional Association Kiel) actively participates in many areas of the social community with its voluntary and full-time employees. The fields of activity are wide-ranging. Whether in floods, storms or individual rescue and medical missions, the ASB volunteers are deployed as disaster/medical assistants all the way to paramedics in order to be able to provide expert help.

Volunteers are always needed for various medical services, disaster control, rescue services and the rapid response group. If you are interested and have a paramedic training or willingness for training and further education as well as the appropriate health suitability, please contact our advisors about the offer A059.


Knowledge, education, counselling

Support for intergenerational tailoring courses

The project "sisu" combines sustainable fashion consumption with participation in old age in cross-generational tailoring courses & social swap and flea markets.

"sisu" is looking for interested seniors with sewing experience who enjoy passing on their knowledge about repairs to younger generations. Their tasks consist of repairing the participants' clothes together with the participants.

If you are interested, please contact our advisors about the offer A694.

Sport / Leisure

Leisure, sports, interests

Support in a traditional sports club

The Kieler MTV von 1844 e.V. offers a wide range of fitness and popular sports. Of course, traditional team sports up to competitive sports are represented as well as the possibility of health-oriented equipment training. For young and old - there is something for everyone.

We are looking for volunteers for different areas.

If you are interested, please contact our advisors about offer A166.

Civic engagement

Human rights, trade union, fair trade

Sewing for a good cause

The Herzkissenprojekt (heart pillow project) is now carried out worldwide by volunteer women and also some men. We sew heart pillows according to a special cut and give them to women who are affected by breast cancer. The pillows serve as support pillows, but also convey the personal idea of solidarity. With our heart pillows we want to give comfort to many sick and disabled people and all those who have to cope with a difficult fate and show them that we are thinking of them. For sick children in hospitals and social institutions we sew, among other things, cuddly pillows, stuffed animals, quilts for premature babies and much more. We also provide free nesting or feeling quilts to dementia patients who are cared for in senior care facilities and at home. Since 2010, more than 300 women have participated in the Heart Pillow Campaign Kiel and, among many other useful items, have sewn and donated more than 25,000 heart pillows and cuddly pillows so far.

Women and men who enjoy sewing and donating are always welcome in the association.

If you are interested, please contact our advisors about offer A362.

Refugee aid

Integration, exchange, synergies

Support in the tandem project between refugees and Kiel residents

"kulturgrenzenlos e.V." is a tandem project that brings together students and refugees in Kiel. Through joint leisure activities and cultural exchange, the social inclusion of refugees is promoted.

We are looking for young people from Kiel (between 18 and 35 years) who would like to become a tandem partner. We are also looking for helpers to support the organization of the project.

If you are interested, please contact our advisors about offer A629.

Commitment in Corona times

Volunteering in times of Corona

While there are pandemic-related restrictions to cope with in some areas of social and cultural life, there has been an additional need for volunteering elsewhere. At this point, too, the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro is available as a central contact point - for the coordination of requests for help as well as for all those who offer their assistance. For example, we work closely with the Anlaufstellen Nachbarschaft (Anna) to arrange non-contact help such as shopping. Registered helpers are divided up by neighbourhood, and the respective Anna networks suitable tandems of helper and person seeking help. The number of caregivers should be kept as low as possible.

If you would like to get involved, please contact ehrenamtsbuero[at]

Those seeking help should contact the Annas in their district.

An overview of other opportunities for neighbourhood involvement in Schleswig-Holstein can be found here.

Digital engagement

Digital engagement

"Online volunteering is voluntary, unpaid engagement with others that is carried out publicly, is oriented toward the common good, and in which the activity in question is performed wholly or in part over the Internet from a home computer, at work, or on the road."

Hannes Jähnert



Citizens looking for a temporary volunteer position, such as a one-time assignment to the EhrenamtMesse or other Kiel events, can register in the "net(t)worker" section. If necessary, registered persons can then be approached individually.

Non-profit organizations that need short-term volunteer support for an event (or similar) are welcome to contact us.

Registration for the section is possible at the nette-kieler volunteer office by phone or at ehrenamtsbuero[at]

If you have any questions, we are also happy to answer them in person during consultation hours or by calling the administration office at 0431/901-5502.

Federal Volunteer Service

Federal Volunteer Service

The Federal Volunteer Service is a voluntary commitment in social, cultural, ecological or other public welfare-oriented institutions in Germany, such as educational or nursing institutions, rescue services, forestry offices, cultural institutions, sports clubs or similar.

A BFD can last between 6 and 24 months - it is usually done for 12 months at a time. As a rule, the BFD is a full-time service in which the volunteers mainly perform practical assistance activities. In return, they receive pocket money and are automatically covered by statutory pension, accident, health, nursing care and unemployment insurance.

Anyone who has completed full-time compulsory education is eligible for federal voluntary service.

Age, gender, nationality or the type of school-leaving qualification do not usually play a role.

For more information, visit:

Voluntary social year

Voluntary social year

Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) and Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ)

Youth voluntary service is a special form of civic engagement.

The FSJ and FÖJ are voluntary services for adolescents and young adults who have completed their full-time compulsory education and have not yet reached the age of 27.

They usually last twelve months and regularly begin on September 1.

In the Voluntary Social Year, volunteers get involved in social institutions for other people and thus also get to know social professions.

The Voluntary Ecological Year is an educational and orientation year in which volunteers can do practical work for the environment in order to better understand ecological and environmental relationships in their social context.

Further information is available at and from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

DRK PerspektivenWechsel

DRK PerspektivenWechsel

The voluntary service "PerspektivenWechsel" in the DRK supports you with an individual consultation in your search for a desired placement within and outside the DRK.

What can I expect?

  • Personal initial interviews
  • Matching volunteer positions
  • Full-time supervision and support
  • Group meetings
  • Further training and qualification
  • Employment of 8 - 13 hours per week
  • Flat-rate expense allowance
  • Contractual framework
  • Liability and accident insurance

If you are interested, please contact

DRK-KV Kiel e.V., Volunteer Service Center

Küterstr. 8-12, 24103 Kiel, Germany

Phone: 0431/220032-72

E-Mail: ehrenamt[at] 

You can find more information about PerspektivenWechsel here:

Feedback system

How you can help us

It is very important to us to continuously improve the quality of our counselling. This is where we depend on your help:

After a counselling session, you will receive a feedback card from us. Please fill it out and return it to us as soon as you have decided whether and where you would like to volunteer. If we do not hear from you, we will ask after a few weeks and keep you informed with further offers if needed.

Our database-protected feedback system documents the placement success - and is an important tool for quality assurance of our work. It also enables us to maintain contacts beyond the initial counselling and offer further support if needed.