Making a difference together
About us

Our goal is to make civic engagement and its importance for society as well as for each individual visible to the public. The nettekieler team advises interested parties and mediates civic engagement in all areas of society - free of charge.

The net, which is reflected in our name and logo, stands for our commitment to bringing people with different needs and requirements together. Because this is the key to a living democracy and a functioning society with a future.

The nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro is an institution of the Kreisarbeitsgemeinschaft der freien Wohlfahrtsverbände Kiel e. V., funded by the state capital Kiel and supported by the Jobcenter Kiel.

Target group

Everyone can get involved - regardless of age, gender, background or other facets of their personal life. We address people who want to contribute their motivation and skills in the various fields of social action. And we support those who are looking for volunteers: organisations, associations, initiatives and projects in which civic engagement is already practised or is to be practised.


Originating from a purely voluntary initiative, the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro has been funded by the state capital of Kiel since 2006. Since then, many different projects to promote civic engagement have been initiated and implemented from here. The contact point and information exchange has developed into a constantly growing network. 

In 2015, the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro founded the State Working Group of Volunteer Agencies in Schleswig-Holstein (lagfa SH). Based at the nettekiel Ehrenamtsbüro until the beginning of 2020, it was possible to create full-time structures with the help of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Youth, Family and Senior Citizens of Schleswig-Holstein, which - in close cooperation with the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro - are building an active state-wide network.

In addition, the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro is a member of the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Freiwilligenagenturen e. V. (Federal Association of Volunteer Agencies). (bagfa) and the Federal Network for Civic Engagement (BBE).

Mission Statement/Vision

For us, civic engagement is one of the highest forms of living democracy. We want Kiel to be a place where people like to get involved and help shape urban society responsibly and in solidarity - regardless of age, origin, social status or other personal aspects of their lives.

We act in the common good, are politically independent, and are committed to the basic democratic order and human rights.


The people behind nettekieler

Alexandra Hebestreit

Alexandra Hebestreit is a trained PR consultant, copywriter and art historian and has headed the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro since 2014.

Telefon: 0431/901-5505
E-Mail: alexandra.hebestreit[at]

Sabrina Dejon

Sabrina Dejon is a trained office administrator who has supported the team of the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro in the areas of administration and quality management since 2011 and took over the management of the senior citizens' passport in 2020.

Telefon: 0431/901-5502
E-Mail: sabrina.dejon[at]

Michael Schöttke

Michael Schöttke has been with the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro since 2016 and has been head of the DiNa-Treff since 2019. The graduate biologist has already gained many years of experience in civic engagement as a juror and election worker as well as through his work in the finance commission in the Kiel Donations Parliament.

Telefon: 0431/901-5506
E-Mail: michael.schoettke[at]

Anila Eid

After graduating in English, Islamic Studies, Religion and Ethics, Anila Eid worked in the project Successful Teaching and Learning (PerLe) at Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel and has led the project Engagement of Generations since 2021.

Telefon: 0431/901-5512
E-Mail: anila.eid[at]

Our volunteer advisors

The team of the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro also includes our 15 volunteer advisors - the heart and backbone of our work.

Our supporters

A stable network

Bringing people together who want to make a difference is our strength. As part of a steadily growing network of experienced organisations and creative minds, we are now in a position to achieve a lot together. This is where experience, innovative ideas and passion come together, and where each individual can grow.

Advisory Board

Since its foundation, the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro has been accompanied by an advisory board consisting of representatives of the state capital Kiel, the welfare organisations and the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro. The advisory board has primarily an advisory function. The nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro regularly reports in detail to the members.

Members of the advisory board:

  • Marion Janser, Head of the Senior Citizens and Neighbourhood Work Department at Diakonie Altholstein.
  • Marion Scheunpflug, Service Office for Volunteers at the DRK-Kreisverband Kiel e. V.
  • Christoph Schröder-Walkenhorst, deacon of the Suchsdorf church meeting place
  • Cordula Hausö, volunteer counsellor at the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro
  • Ursula Halbe, volunteer counsellor at the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro
  • Arne Leiser, Head of the Office for Social Services of the State Capital Kiel


Our Facebook page (without registration):
nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro

Orientation guide on the topic of civic engagement:
Engagiert in SH

Further information on the Kiel Pass (

Further information on the Senior Citizens' Pass:

Responsible body of the volunteer office:
Kreisarbeitsgemeinschaft der freien Wohlfahrtsverbände Kiel e. V.

Nationwide network for the promotion of civic engagement:

Federal umbrella organisation and professional association of voluntary agencies in Germany:
bagfa e. V. 

Schleswig-Holstein Citizens' and Democracy Award:
Für mich. Für uns. Für Schleswig-Holstein 

Thanks and recognition for commitment:
Ehrenamtskarte Schleswig-Holstein


Help us with a donation and support our work for a vibrant Kiel city society. We appreciate your support, whether small or large.

We will gladly issue a donation receipt.

Donation account:

Förde Sparkasse
IBAN: DE27 2105 0170 0000 1049 19
Stichwort: "Projekte nettekieler"

Other tasks / projects

Reliable contact point

We are all part of a community. And participating in social life should not be a question of financial means. That is why the state capital Kiel offers various benefits. For the Kiel-Pass and the Senior*innen-Pass, the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro is your first point of contact.


Support for financially weak Kiel residents

The Kiel-Pass office is located in the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro. With the Kiel-Pass, financially weaker Kiel residents can participate in the cultural life of their city at reduced prices - this includes sports, leisure and cultural activities.

Kiel residents can receive the Kiel Pass if they receive one of the following benefits and present the corresponding notice of approval:

  • Unemployment benefit II (according to SGB II)
  • Social benefit (according to SGB II)
  • Assistance towards living costs (according to SGBXII)
  • Basic income support in old age and in the event of reduced earning capacity (according to SGBXII)
  • Housing benefit
  • Benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act
  • Cash allowance for personal use during a stay in an inpatient facility (according to § 35 Para. 2 SGBXII)
  • Child supplement (according to § 6a Federal Child Benefit Act)

Opening hours Kiel-Pass Office

Monday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Tuesday 12.30 to 15.00
Thursday 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

Link Kiel-Pass

Your contact
Andrea Kümmel
Phone: 0431/901-5511

KulturHafen Kiel

Free tickets to Kiel citizens with low income

KulturHafen Kiel provides donated tickets free of charge to low-income citizens of Kiel. This gives them the chance to participate in culture and at the same time makes good use of empty seats in cultural institutions.

For a membership in the KulturHafen you need a valid KielPass or Senior Citizens' Pass. Registration forms are available at the Kiel Pass office, the Senior Citizens' Pass office and at the Obolus social store, Sophienblatt 64a, 24114 Kiel.

Those who already have a valid Kiel Pass or Senior Citizens' Pass can register at the KulturHafen office:

KulturHafen Kiel at FAW gGmbH.
Sophienblatt 64, 24114 Kiel
You will find us in room 02
Phone: 0431-667 167 40
E-mail: info[at]

The office is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 12:30.

Important: Each card is a gift and has a real value. Therefore we attach great importance to commitment!

For more information, please visit the following Internet address:

Sponsors of KulturHafen Kiel are:

  • Fortbildungsakademie der Wirtschaft (FAW)
  • Theater Kiel
  • Jobcenter Kiel
  • nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro

Senior Citizens' Pass

Benefits for senior citizens in Kiel

The nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro issues the Senior Citizens' Pass. This bonus pass gives elderly Kiel residents with a low income the opportunity to take advantage of cultural, sports and leisure activities at reduced prices.

As a citizen of Kiel, you receive the Senior Citizens' Pass ...

  • from the age of 65
  • or disabled people from the age of 63
  • if your income does not exceed the current standard rate (SGB II, SGB XII) after deduction of rent, health insurance contribution and similar fixed costs
  • or if you receive a basic income support benefit (according to SGB XII)
  • or if you live in an inpatient facility and only receive the cash amount legally determined according to § 35 Para. 2 SGB XII.

The Senior Citizen Pass is issued immediately by the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro after checking the requirements. The Senior Citizen Pass is valid until the end of the current calendar year.

You will need:

  • Identity card
  • Proof of income and monthly expenses
  • or a current notice of grant (basic income support)

Opening hours for issuing senior citizens' passports
Wednesday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Room A1 on the ground floor New Town Hall
Thursday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Room A200 on the 2nd floor New Town Hall

Senior Citizens' Pass

For more information, please visit the following Internet address:

Your contact:
Sabrina Dejon
Phone: 0431/901-5502
Mail: sabrina.dejon[at]

Volunteer Card

Schleswig-Holstein Volunteer Card

The Volunteer Card “Ehrenamtskarte“ recognises the commitment of volunteers in Schleswig-Holstein by granting discounts to towns and municipalities, businesses and non-profit organisations. These range from discounted admission to special events or offers. Anyone who appreciates the social contribution of commitment and wants to contribute to the success of the “Ehrenamtskarte Schleswig-Holstein“ can become a Bonus Partner.

The state's project partner in the introduction of the “Ehrenamtskarte“ in Schleswig-Holstein is the “Ehrenamtskarte office“.

If you are interested in the “Ehrenamtskarte“ or would like to become a bonus partner, please contact:

Office of the Schleswig-Holstein Ehrenamtskarte
c/o nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro
Andreas-Gayk-Str. 31
24103 Kiel 

Phone: +49 (0) 431-901 55 10
Mail: info[at]

Digital neighbourhood

Digital neighbourhood

There are a total of 50 so-called local DiNa meeting places in Germany. One of these contact points has been located in nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro since 2019. With the Digital Neighbourhood (DiNa) project, Deutschland sicher im Netz (DsiN) e. V. educates associations, initiatives and volunteers about the opportunities and risks of the internet. At the DiNa meeting place in Kiel, people can take advantage of a wide range of offers concerning safe use of the internet - both online and offline. Free workshops and webinars are part of the extensive information offer.

Here you can get answers to the following questions, for example:

  • What should I put in the imprint of my association's website?
  • What kind of pictures can I post on social media?
  • How can I communicate online in a data-saving way?
  • What do I have to bear in mind when fundraising online?

If you are interested, please contact us!

Your contact:
Michael Schöttke
Phone: 0431/901-5506

The nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro is DiNa Meeting of the Month November 2021

With the DiNa meeting of the month, the Digital Neighborhood project presents every month a DiNa meeting that is part of the federal Digital Neighborhood network. The goal here is to provide information about the great work that associations and volunteers are doing nationwide in order to broaden awareness of engagement opportunities and highlight the many ways that volunteering can help.

Further information under:
(see message from 4.11.2021)

Involvement of the generations

Involvement of the generations

Encounters and engagement of all generations is an essential factor for democracy and cohesion in a diverse society. The project "Engagement of Generations" takes up this issue by supporting and accompanying ideas and projects for intergenerational engagement in the municipal area. Strengthening the exchange between young and old offers an opportunity to break down reservations between the generations and to awaken mutual understanding. Schools in Kiel or other places of learning should also be involved and learning through commitment or service learning projects should be implemented.

The following projects are currently being implemented:

Your contact person:
Anila Eid
Phone: 0431/901-5512
Mobile Phone: 0160/93045819
Mail: anila.eid[at]


The project "Patenenkel*in" is about teenagers and young adults (approx. 16-30 years) supporting older people in personal contact with their digital devices (smartphone, laptop or tablet).

The aim of the project is to promote encounters between young and old and to share different skills.

The counseling meetings can be arranged flexibly; they each last about an hour and take place on the premises of the cooperation partners.

The project Patenenkel*in is a joint project of the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro with the Howe-Fiedler-Stiftung, the M38 Netzwerk Treff, some Anlaufstellen Nachbarschaft (anna) and the Statt-Café.

(Photos: Daniel Alexander Karl)

Your contact person:
Anila Eid
Phone: 0431/901-5512
Mobile Phone: 0160/93045819
Mail: anila.eid[at]


KULTURISTENHOCH2|Kiel is a socio-cultural intergenerational project for and with low-income seniors and schoolchildren aged 16 and older. The project's sponsor in Kiel is the Howe-Fiedler-Stiftung, and the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro is a cooperation partner.

The KULTURISTENHOCH2|Kiel project is about young and old exchanging ideas through free cultural visits together. The goal of the project is to enable cultural and social participation, especially for older people.

Photos: Daniel Alexander Karl)

Your contact persons:

Anila Eid
Phone: 0431/901-5512
Mobile Phone: 0160/930 458 19
Mail: anila.eid[at]

Liane Jaskulke
Mobile Phone: 0160/934 129 52
Mail: kiel-kulturisten[at]

1-to-1 Commitment Network

Commitment Network

Since the end of 2019, project leaders from a wide variety of Kiel projects in the field of 1-to-1 engagement - i.e. sponsorship, mentoring, tandem or other engagement projects that live from direct personal encounters and support - have been meeting regularly and across different organisations. The open, collegial exchange, initiated and coordinated by the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro, serves to improve networking and support among each other with the aim of establishing a permanent "Kiel network of sponsorships" in the long term.

Especially in times of crisis, social grievances and imbalances become even more visible. On the one hand, engagement projects of 1-to-1 encounters are one of the most effective ways to counter these imbalances. On the other hand, these personal encounters in particular place the highest demands on volunteers and full-time staff, and must therefore be communicated and accompanied well and transparently by the respective project leaders. Regular exchange is intended to promote mutual support and "learning and benefiting from each other". The network is open to all interested project leaders who are active in this field.

Please feel free to contact us!

Your contact person:
Alexandra Hebestreit
Phone: 0431/901-5505
E-Mai.: alexandra.hebestreit[at]

lagfa SH

Schleswig-Holstein sticks together

The State Association of Voluntary Agencies in Schleswig-Holstein (lagfa SH) represents the interests of its members [should link to, but website is not yet ready]. It works to strengthen civic engagement and the framework conditions conducive to it, as well as to create stable infrastructures for voluntary and honorary engagement in Schleswig-Holstein. It functions as an informal expert network and information forum.

Founded in 2015 under the umbrella of the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro and funded since 2020 with a full-time position by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Youth, Family and Senior Citizens of Schleswig-Holstein, the collegial professional network represents the interests of all its members.

The lagfa SH is committed to

  • the strengthening of civic engagement
  • stable infrastructures for voluntary work
  • a stronger professional and content-related networking of local voluntary agencies and similar engagement structures
  • organisational development/support of organisations, financing and funding opportunities
  • active exchange of experience and training opportunities
  • the pooling of resources
  • the provision and preparation of information for volunteers and agencies
  • targeted public relations work through representation at the state level
  • Lobbying for voluntary agencies vis-à-vis politicians and administrators.


Your contact person:

Svenja Mix
Tel.: 0152-37653213
E-mail: lagfa[at],

Kieler Lesesprotte

The "Kieler Lesesprotte" is a children's book prize determined by a children's jury, which is announced as a contribution to the promotion of reading and the revitalization of Kiel's cultural life. Kiel's mayor, Dr. Ulf Kämpfer, has assumed patronage of the award.

What is the goal?

The "Kieler Lesesprotte" is intended to honor a current, particularly popular book. This book is selected exclusively by a children's jury. In this way, we want to encourage children to read. By writing a short summary, they are able to engage intensively with the content and give a well-founded assessment of what they have read. A review booklet will be compiled from the evaluations of the children's jury.

The initiators

The "Kieler Lesesprotte" is an initiative of:

  • Büchereiverein Dietrichsdorf e. V.
  • Büchereiverein Suchsdorf e. V.
  • Kieler Kinderbücherei e. V. "KiKiBü
  • Kieler Kinder- und Jugendbuch-Kreis
  • MENTOR-Kiel - Die Leselernhelfer
  • nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro

In the 2023/24 season, the "Kieler Lesesprotte" was awarded for the fourth time.

Further information at: